Why the GOP Always Ends Up With A Progressive Nominee for President


I’m watching all the entrants into this season’s presidential elections with a dreadful sense of déjà vu. I can already see what’s happening in the republican field: There are literally dozens of potential candidates at this point, but the ones getting the most media attention and the most cash for their campaigns are the most … Read more

If You Like Your Internet, You Can Keep Your Internet


In my last post Why and How Politicians Lie, I enumerated several ways that politicians can get their way without being held accountable by angry constituents.  This week, I’ll give you an example of number 6: Using regulation instead of bills to make changes in the law. What Case in point: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler last … Read more

Politics and Government Explained

I’ve been moping around lamenting the sorry state of our country, our government, and politics in general when, out of desperation, I forced myself to think about something else for a change. Not wanting to give up the subject entirely, instead of thinking about how wrong our politicians are behaving, I thought about why they … Read more