A CauseVox Plugin for WordPress

I’m working on a plugin for WordPress that will display the current fundraising events from CauseVox.com. This is for the website http://unravelpediatriccancer.org.

I am testing the output of the plugin in this post as well as documenting its use.

The plugin, once installed and activated, adds a very simple thing called a “shortcode” to WordPress. Anywhere in a WordPress “post” or “page” the post/page author can put the string:

[[CausevoxFundraisersList campaign=thecampaign]]

(Replace thecampaign with the name of the causevox campaign (for instance: bake2unravel)

This will cause the plugin to insert the current information received from the causevox.com API.

Here I will test the five valid campaigns as well as a bad one to make sure my error handling is working.


[CausevoxFundraisersList campaign=teamglitter2unravel]


[CausevoxFundraisersList campaign=bake2unravel]


[CausevoxFundraisersList campaign=lemonade2unravel]


[CausevoxFundraisersList campaign=rummage2unravel]


[CausevoxFundraisersList campaign=fundraise2unravel]


[CausevoxFundraisersList campaign=badcampaign2unravel]


More later,




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