Flat-Pack Furniture Assembly Tips and Tricks

This is a series of articles intended to help people that assemble flat-pack furniture professionally.

There will be articles intended to help speed your assembly tasks. Tools, techniques, customer handling, and even special situations.

Some of you may be working independently or through a service such as Task Rabbit, Fiverr, Takl, Thumbtack, etc. In any case, your income depends on how efficiently you can get in, get the job done, and get out with a satisfied customer.

Why These Posts

I always try to optimize the things I do. Especially the repetitive things. When I started putting together flat-pack furniture for Task Rabbit, I tried to find information online to help me improve my speed and quality. I found very little help. And what I did find was so rudimentary that it was useless to me. So I forged on and tried to develop my own tips and tricks to improve my overall efficiency.

Now I want to share these bits of (hopefully useful) wisdom with my community of fellow flat-pack assemblers. Unlike some in the community that only want to brag about how fast they can assemble a such-and-such with no proof, I will put my time and energy into helping others optimize their income.

About Me

Just a little bit about me. I’m an elderly (60+) male with a computer engineering background. I currently work a series of side-hustles, as they are called. I bounce around from job to job, sometimes working three different jobs, for different platforms, in one day. I do this for two reasons: One, I’m trying to optimize my income so I’m always looking for a new or best side-hustle and, two, I get bored doing the same thing all the time. I’m currently doing computer consulting under my own consulting company prosoft.guru, furniture assembly for Task Rabbit, and Lime electric scooter charging at night. I could (and will) write at length about all these jobs.

Of these jobs, frankly the furniture assembly job pays the best per hour. But it’s also the hardest on my body. After a long (6+ hour) assembly job, I usually must take the next day off to recover!

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Flat-pack Assembly Related Forums

Reddit /r/taskrabbit

I understand that there are at least two Facebook groups for Task Rabbit contractors that might touch on ready-to-assemble furniture but I do not use Facebook out of privacy concerns. If someone wants to send me a link I will post it here.

Flat-Pack Manufacturers

There are dozens, if not hundreds of manufacturers of knock-down furniture. Here are just a few.

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